• Welcome to Module A - Computer Systems Fundamentals

    You use technology all the time without even realizing it. Technology can be defined as the way humans modify the world around them in response to their needs and wants. A pencil, a highway, a car, and a computer are all results of technology.

    You interact with technology every day, but how much do you understand it? Is it enough to know how to use a device like a pencil or a computer? Do you need to know how it works? Should you consider the effects of its use on society and the environment?

    Today's technology is so seamless that people take it for granted.  We use our devices without knowing what makes them operate, how they came to be created or what implications lie behind their use.

    In this module, you will explore how technological innovations have changed—and continue to change—our world.  This module will guide you through purchasing and building a computer and operating system basics.  The four sections will cover these topics:

    • Section 1—Computer History, Digital Logic, Numbering Systems, Conversion Basics
    • Section 2—Computer Component, Peripheral, Purchasing and Building a Computer Basics
    • Section 3—Desktop/Laptop/Mobile Operating System Basics
    • Section 4—Server, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing Basics

    Do you have the 21st century skills necessary to succeed in today's global work force? Open the ISTE 2016 NETS Standards below to find out. 

Section 1 - Understanding Computer System Basics